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Social Media

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Follow The Wahm Addict on Google Plus!  Google + is a great way to build your online presence.  A business with a company page must be verified by location via postal address.  Knowing you are dealing with a real business can ease someone’s mind who may be skeptical working with an online business.

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Follow The Wahm Addict on LinkedIn!  The purpose of a company page on LinkedIn is to spread the word about your business.  It allows interested individuals to learn more about your company, engage in networking and keep abreast of company updates.  It’s also a great place to learn about job opportunities.

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Follow The Wahm Addict on Instagram!  We post our sales and updates, promote your business, inspire you and just have fun!

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Follow The Wahm Addict on Pinterest!  We have boards, not only for working at home but also other aspects of our lives, such as credit monitoring, coupons and savings, apps that may interest you, networking and much, much more.  We also promote our advertisers by "pinning" their prospective businesses.  Our board, “Friends of The Wahm Addict“, is open to anyone who has an interest in pinning tips and ideas. If you love Pinterest, like we do, drop us an email and request an invitation.

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Follow The Wahm Addict on Twitter!  We love hearing from our Twitter followers! The Wahm Addict uses Twitter to advertise your business. When you choose an advertising option with us, this is simply one of the platforms we have available to support your business.  Take a moment and “tweet” us @TheWahmAddict.  We follow back!

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The Wahm Addict uses several different social media platforms, including but not limited to  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,  Google+ and Instagram!  Some may advise you to start with one at a time, learn the basics, and move on to the next one.  If that works for you, by all means, take this route!  We jumped in with both feet and it has been a challenge, but it’s been fun too, and a continuous learning experience.  If you’re not already aware, social media platforms change policies and procedures frequently. What may work for you one week, may not work the next.  Creating a following on social media is rewarding.  You have your own fan base that you can share information with the ease of a button click. 

Why should you connect with The Wahm Addict?  We are all about working from home.  We support those with a home business through all of our platforms, including our website.  Our clients don’t just post an ad with us and rely on our traffic to bring them business.  We promote them through every avenue we are part of.  The majority of sites have a “Buy Now” button to add your button or banner and that is just what you do. Add it in hopes that someone will see it.  We take it much further, by promoting your business on all of our social media platforms for the duration of your ad. If that means a lifetime business listing,  you will receive a lifetime of advertising services.

Are you addicted to Social Media? Are you always checking one or more of your platforms throughout the day?  It can be fun, but highly beneficial for small business owners, if utilized the correct way.  Perhaps you are new to the concept, or made an account and not sure what to do next.  That is okay, everyone starts somewhere.  No one just starts out knowing everything about social media. Keeping up with changes, rules and trends is a challenge all by itself.  Choosing which channels to be part of can be a bit confusing.  Learning how each platform works and how it can be incorporated in your business is the key deciding factor.  You can use one or many, but be consistent in whichever you choose.your paragraph here.

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