Is your current accounting software driving you insane with constant data crashes, costly upgrades, and user complexities? 
All of that will be a thing of the past with cloud accounting.  There are no upgrades to buy or install.  Ever.  The only thing you'll need to access your information is an internet connection.  This is very handy to quote or invoice on site; or for tracking complicated time management for payroll or billing purposes

Rising Phoenix Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

Do you know how your business is doing financially? 
Even more essential than tax compliance, a business owner should be analyzing the financial documents to forecast rainy days or sunny skies.  Of course, that only works if it's being implemented.  Knowing your business health is the most important factor for building your bookkeeping system.

Business Owner: Robin Earby
Freelance Cloud Bookkeeper
Phone:  662.710.2078

How can it work if your bookkeeper isn't local to you? 
Generally, there will be some changes to certain processes, but the flow is still the same.  Bills and receipts will be forwarded to an email as attachments, bank and credit card statements will be pulled into the system for matching and coding.  Since the old system of buying stamps and mailing bills and invoices is fading anyway, scanning papers and forwarding emails to a processing center is not that big of a reach.  Also, there are no costs to the employer for federal/state tax withholding/medicare
/insurance premiums.  My fee is contractual employment.  These are just some of the reasons why virtual, cloud-based bookkeeper practices are growing in today's world.

Are you frustrated with the tasks of bookkeeping? 
Maintaining accurate records for a business owner is essential for many reasons.  One of the most prominent reasons is tax compliance: sales tax, payroll tax, and income tax.  It can be very costly to record the wrong information into the wrong category due to errors or misunderstanding the accounting software.

 In response to a horrible car wreck that took my 16-year-old daughter’s life and put me in a brace for 2 months, I was forced to leave my full-time job in accounting at Ole Miss to recuperate.  In her honor, I am rebuilding my life without her and focusing on helping others who don’t have the time to learn bookkeeping or elaborate software.  Rising Phoenix Bookkeeping Solutions will become one of your most trusted business advisors.

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