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Other Perks?

Free Website - Customers can shop online on your free, personalized website for your first 90 days ($10/month after that).

Free Posh Share texts & emails to send to your contacts.

Unlimited Commission - That's your paycheck. It's the cash you earned from the products you sold!

What are different ways that you can sell with Perfectly Posh?

Website Sales
Cash n Carry (if you choose to pre-purchase stock)
Facebook Parties
In-home Pampering Parties
Portable Parties
Catalog Parties

For more information about the background and mission of Perfectly Posh, please visit this site:

How much can you earn?

From day one, you earn 20% on all sales orders (parties and individual orders). After you submit $1000 in sales, that percentage goes to at least 25%. You can earn more based on the team you build, and their activity.

Get All This in 90 Days? Posh Academy and Posh Props?

Achieve $200 PSV and complete basic training videos and Q&A within 15 days & earn an exclusive Posh Prep Academy bag.

Achieve $500 cumulative PSV and complete additional training activities (videos and Q&A) within 30 days & earn your 30-Day-Props pin, $30 product credit, and $30 supplies credit.

Achieve $1000 cumulative PSV, recruit one team member and complete training action items for days 31 - 60 by day 60 & earn your 60-Day-Props pin, 1000 personalized labels, $60 product credit, and $60 supplies credit.

Achieve $1500 cumulative PSV, recruit three team members and complete training action items for days 61 - 90 by day 90 & earn your 90-Day-Props pin, 500 personalized business cards, a car vinyl, $90 product credit, and $90 supplies credit.

 That's almost $500 in free tools and product, in addition to your commission, just for learning your job!

Perfectly Posh started in October 2011, offering naturally-based lotions, scrubs, and other pampering products. All of the product ingredients are listed in the Posh Paper (our catalog). Everything has no petroleum products, no parabens, no sulfates, and no paraffin.

What you need to know about starting a business with Perfectly Posh (available to those 16-years-old and older in the U.S.):

How much is it to get started?

Periodically, there are start-up specials, but we never know that in advance! Let me know and I can contact you when anything is announced.

The every-day kit special is only $99 (plus tax), which includes more than $250 value of products and business supplies.

What are the minimum requirements to stay Active?

To remain active with Perfectly Posh, you need to submit $300 in six-months.

Perfectly Posh

Representative: Becki Bayley

Website: http://www.perfectlyposh.com/becki

 Phone:  586-806-9056