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Owner:: Denielle Jannaro 

Email:   lularoedeniellejannaro@gmail.com

Phone:  586-382-1062

Hi My name is Denielle! 

I would love to be your LuLaRoe fashion consultant. I am in SE Michigan but I am available to sell in every state. LuLaRoe is a fairly new unique clothing company. Comfortable and fashionable clothing for Women Tweens Kids and men that will completely change your wardrobe. The limited edition prints and many comfortable styles will make dressing for work or play fun and convenient.  No catalogs needed! Host a party…shop…look…LOVE…purchase and it’s yours. LuLaRoe exclusive prints are limited editions and only made into about 2500 of our different styles. So if you see something you LOVE and don’t buy it you may NEVER see it again in that style/size.

Did I mention our buttery soft leggings? THEY are like HEAVEN! Once you have a pair of LuLaRoe Leggings you will want to live in them! So don’t wait.  Host a Pop-up Party online  or in your home & EARN FREE LuLaRoe!

Shop my VIP group Exclusive sales and check in with my VIP group for the latest sales I will be having.

I look forward to helping you with all your LuLaRoe goodies.