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Jewel Scent

Representative:  Joy Rounsavall

Website: http://www.jewelscent.com/joyzway

Our Story

Born out of the appreciation for beautiful jewelry and cultivated to make the most out of some of life's most gratifying experiences, the JewelScent story is one of innovation and creativity.

Sara, the daughter of expert jewelers, had been surrounded by beautiful rings her entire life. She seemed to take a different path when she graduated from UCLA, with a degree in Math and Economics and joined the corporate world straight out of college.

After taking a hiatus in her career to start a family, she realized maybe her calling was a bit closer to home than she anticipated. Her creative juices began flowing one night, when she laid her engagement ring next to a candle on her nightstand. That night, JewelScent was born.

With an eye for style and a head for business, Sara quickly set out to combine the beauty of her family's hand-crafted pieces with the luxury of a soothing and refreshing scent. This hybrid product would be a feast for the senses and the perfect medium to elevate standards of both the jewelry and fragrance industries.

JewelScent candles and products are created from all-natural ingredients and extravagant artisan fragrances that can set any mood. Each ring that is placed in a JewelScent product, maintains the excellent standards and ingenuity that her family has mastered over the years.

The JewelScent mission is to incorporate beauty and excitement into every scent experience; to meld the joys of receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry with the pampering descent into bliss one can only achieve through a perfectly crafted scent.