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Blissfully Scented is a small wax melt/candle business owned and operated in beautiful Michigan.  I began my journey with Blissfully Scented because I didn't care for the big name companies and wanted high-quality fragrances. Blissfully Scented started its journey in March 2015.  

Blissfully Scented has over 100 scents to choose from! Choose one of our samplers letting you choose between 8-10 fragrances of your choice or choose a Mystery Box and let us choose the scents for you. Don't care for a certain scent? That's ok just put it in the notes section before placing your order.  Don't see a scent, but want to try it? Just contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you!  


Representative: Crystal Webb
Phone: 517-798-0311

Email: Info@BlissfullyScented.com

All orders are custom made and shipped directly from us to you.  Our wax is a para/soy blend using the highest quality ingredients and fragrances. We do offer ready to ship items in limited quantities and while supplies last.  

We offer scent cups and lots of shapes and
sizes, if you would like to order individually! 

Want to get a gift for someone special? We offer Gift Certificates year round!  

If you are a first time customer with Blissfully Scented use code: FIRSTBLISS at checkout for a 10% discount!  

Get FREE Shipping with a $50 purchase! 

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